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A puzzle for every month, a clue for every day. For lovers of wordplay who like a challenge, 3D Calendar Puzzles take cryptic crosswords to a whole new level – literally, of course!

Try your skill against some of the best cryptic crossword setters in the UK. Solve this month’s puzzle by the end of the month and go in the draw to win a prize. Buy the calendar and solve 12 puzzles correctly throughout the year to enter our annual tie-break challenge for the coveted title of 3D Crossword World Champion. Fancy your hand at designing a 3D crossword grid yourself? Be our guest and enter the annual RPM Trophy competition.

By purchasing the full calendar, you will also be contributing to our mission to help youngsters in need, with all proceeds going to BBC Children in Need and the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

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Latest updates

  • 3D Crossword Solution – September 2021
    Clues and grid by Shark. The winner of the September puzzle was Jake Schumacher from Champaign, IL, USA. The instructions were lengthy. We were told that the crossword celebrates the unclued 5ac 13ac’s 75th anniversary (and later this year a 30th anniversary).
  • 3D Crossword Solution – August Extra 2021
    Clues by Sirius and grid by Komorník. The winner of the August Extra puzzle was Robbie Etherington of Kenilworth, Warwickshire. Hello, Soup here with some notes on the August Extra puzzle. We’re told this puzzle celebrates a topical anniversary.  
  • Hints & Tips August Extra 2021
    Clues by Sirius and Grid by Komorník The background for this puzzle is a Henry Perks photograph showing a sunset over a pair of gasholders. This clever 7x5x5 Komorník grid by was one of the entries to our April Extra grid design competition. It celebrates a topical anniversary in a never-ending serial currently (in mid… Read more Hints & Tips August Extra 2021