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How do 3D crosswords work?

Our How to solve 3D crosswords page explains how clue directions work in different types of grids. If you need guidance in solving clues, check out the introduction to cryptic clues and the Hints & Tips. You can also subscribe to our monthly Hints & Tips for the current puzzle.

How do you solve the visual clues?

We break down some example visual clues to show you how they’re constructed. Each month’s visual clue is also explained in the published solution.

What’s the best dictionary to use?

For our 3D puzzles, Chambers is the recommended dictionary. If a particular solution is not in Chambers, the clue is labelled with the relevant source, but we try to keep those to a minimum. The Chambers Word Wizard is also a great tool to get you out of a tight spot. Also see our list of recommended books and websites.


How do you qualify for the World Championship?

You need to do two things to qualify for entry:

  1. Buy that year’s calendar (either print or virtual)
  2. Enter the monthly competitions (which you can do from the latest puzzles page) and get at least 12 correct. If you miss or fail to solve the puzzle one month, don’t despair. We run “Extra” puzzles every now and then to give you a better chance to get 12 correct entries.

If you qualify, you can enter the annual tie-break competition, the details and timing of which we will tell you about in our regular newsletter. The exact requirements change from year to year, but usually involve a combination of solving and clue writing.

What’s the RPM Trophy?

The RPM Trophy is awarded for the best grid design. The competition runs at the same time as the World Championship, but anyone can enter the grid design contest. The trophy is named after the late Ray Parry-Morris, who designed many a mind-bending and fun 3D grid as “45” or RPM. Check out some of his grids in the puzzle archives.

If I make a mistake in the monthly puzzle online entry form, can I resubmit?

Yes, or rather, you can update your original submission. When you submit your entry, you’ll immediately get an email reply with a copy of your answers and a link in case you want to update them before the deadline. We’ll even tell you if your submission is incomplete or you’ve made a mistake – we just won’t tell you where you went wrong.

Can I email or post my monthly puzzle solution?

Yes, if you want to. The online form includes a link to a PDF answer form which contains details of where to scan and email or post your entry. We acknowledge receipt but you won’t get the added feedback you get from the online form.

Buying the calendar

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay with a credit card or a PayPal account. Even if you want to use a credit card, click the “Proceed to PayPal” button. You will be given the option of using a credit card at the next step.

Can I have the calendar delivered directly to someone else?

Yes. Our 3D calendars are a popular Christmas gift. When you arrive at the checkout, you will have the option of entering different billing and delivery addresses.

7 thoughts on “Help

  1. Hello, great site, and great crosswords, thank you.
    A question. In a sphere if clue is N or S where do you go after the pole if there are more letters involved?

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words.
    In a spherical 3D grid, an entry with direction N goes up along a line of longitude, across the pole and follows the great circle down the other side (similarly for the direction S). The grids are usually shaded so that the cells will have the same colour (except for the polar cells which may be shaded differently).

    1. Thanks Nick. I’ll follow the colours. Also, it December, where is 32 in the grid? We need it for Day 18.

  3. In solving Kormornik’s December puzzle we believe Day 19’s direction should be 32up rather than 32N. Hope this is a help to other solvers.

  4. Thank you Calluna, that is really helpful. My mistake: the axis does go from South to North, but in our notation ‘up’ should have been used.

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