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Clues by Pasquale and Grid by Bozzy

The background for this puzzle is an Alan Green photograph of the Menai Strait spanned by the Menai Suspension Bridge.

This puzzle marks a 75th anniversary. Eight asterisked thematic clues lack a definition: one of their solutions is the pioneer being celebrated which solvers should submit with their entry. The other seven asterisked thematic clues lead to followers of the pioneer.

The yellow highlighted cells give an anagram of the theme (3,5) which should solvers should also submit with their entry.

Solvers are advised that the pioneer is not a person, but is one of the eight thematic answers to the asterisked clues. This pioneer was the first of these to be designated in accordance with the theme and is nowadays also known as the birthplace of Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Bozzy has carefully planned and developed her grid in an appropriately low density pattern affording easy access. Pasquale has built on this master plan and has constructed a neat and efficient puzzle suitable for the modern era.

Day 2

Mission taking a hit, finishing with nothing (5)

We’re in Davy Crockett country here. The battle arguably better known than the Mission of the same name. [GS]

Day 4

Protection for the unborn in awful mansion not special (6)

Awful seems likely to indicate an anagram, but mansion has too many letters. Get rid of an abbreviation for special and solve the anagram to give a protection for the unborn. [N&SI]

Day 7

Mac’s inner room contains framework for plant (7)

Mac indicates a Scottish connection. So in the local dialect a word for ‘inner room’ (as opposed to outer) which will then include a synonym for framework (a word often associated with a means of medieval torture). The whole unlikely to win prizes at the Chelsea Flower Show. [GS]

Day 9

* Cor blimey – the tree’s gone! (5)

An easy but delightfully clever clue. Remove the tree from the minced oath and you have one of the seven followers. [GS]

Day 14

Man receiving sincere thanks? The reverse (5)

Reversing the clue gives you sincere thanks receiving. Look closely and you’ll find the man in there. [JP]

Day 15

Lift old garden implement? One’s to be locked away (5)

It’s not the garden implement that’s old but an old word for lift you’re looking for. ‘One’ inserted (locked away) in a garden implement gives your answer. [JP]

Day 17

Audibly admire a type of dog (5)

Audibly suggests a homophone, in this case of a synonym for “admire a”. The answer is a breed of working dog originating in Finland, and also the name of the first animal to orbit the earth. [N&SI]

Day 22

* Former PM, a politician leading people of fashion (11)

18th century PM followed by a generic politician and a shortened term for late regency high society gives you one of the seven followers. [JP]

Day 32

For example, a vehicle reversing makes use of enclosed area (7)

Writing from right to left (reversing) you have an abbreviation, followed by the letter ‘a’ and finishing with a “vehicle” drawn by horses. Now reading from left to right (normal like) you have an old word for rentable space available at a railway station (and still in use today in American Football). [GS]

We are grateful to the other members of the Hints & Tips team: Garry Stripling (Gin) and Jim Pennington (Philostrate), and Alison Ramage & Andre Sonnet (Aramis).

Happy solving!

Nick & Sarah Inglis (etc)

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