Hints & Tips October 2020

October 20220 puzzle page

Clues by Qaos and Grid by Max Liversidge

The background for this puzzle is a Graham Fox photograph of two empty glasses with blue and red straws.

This has a general theme relating to Day 27 (10ac) and several of the other clues reference this. As a final task, solvers are invited to find a thematic phrase that is an anagram of the 29 yellow cells. A starting point for this anagram is suggested in the hint to Day 38.

2A team returns seconds by principles (6)Returns suggests a reversal and here it’s seconds that return: we need two different short seconds reversing after a team. The answer means (assumed or universal) principles. N&SI
5About entertainment US quits Australia (5)About often indicates a reversal or a containment, but here it’s the definition. US quits suggests removing US, but take it away from a word for entertainment. N&SI
6100 + 0 + 1000 + 99? That’s funny (5)Exercise your roman numerals to find this droll solution. N&SI
12Delivery of extra large money, not penny, but greatness (10)Delivery here indicates a homophone. Take an abbreviation for extra large and say it out loud. Add on a word for money minus a letter for penny to get greatness. N&SI
1310ac unlike California? (9)You’ll need Day 27 (10ac) for the definition here. This means lacking a defect that California famously has. N&SI
15Wise man wrapped up in paper is most loose (6)Here paper means newspaper and wrapped means inside.The two initials of a well-respected paper leaves four letters for a word meaning a sage. Note the inclusion of the word ‘up’. As this is, for the most part, a down solution, this could well indicate the direction in which the addition should be put in the grid. The definition is the last two words of the clue. GS
1610ac’s contract from Apple (5)Again you’ll need Day 27 (10ac) for the definition here. Think of a four-letter contract and imagine how Apple might brand it. N&SI
27For each fellow, shocking therapy is wonderful (7)Look for a short word meaning “for each”, an abbreviation for fellow and an abbreviation for a shocking therapy. This theme word is wonderful. N&SI
36In France, quality of wine arises from one in fear (7)Unlike Day 15, the word ‘arises’ does not indicate a direction for grid entry. Are we looking for a synonym? Yes we are. The French one ended with the execution of Robespierre while the one in Russia was instigated by Stalin. As that’s already six letters the inclusion of ‘one’ can only mean either the letter ‘a’ or ‘i’.  The whole refers to the elements governing the definition and therefore quality of a wine. GS
38This year’s cricket? (6-6)Batting with unimpeachable vision could well double the score? 
Entering the solutions for Day 38, along with Days 15 and 36, will also complete several yellow squares at level two.Arranging the letters into one word will help see you through to the final anagram.  GS

We are grateful to other members of the Hints & Tips team: Garry Stripling  (Gin) and Jim Pennington  (Philostrate), and Alison Ramage & Andre Sonnet (Aramis)

Happy solving!

Nick & Sarah Inglis (etc)

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