2022 puzzles

Each 2022 3D crossword puzzle will be published below by the beginning of the month. The deadline to enter the prize draw for regular monthly puzzles will be the last day of that month. Extra puzzles will be added from time to time and will have later, mid-month deadlines.

Hints & Tips: If you need helping cracking that last clue, or even getting started, hints and tips for regular puzzles will be published in the second half of each month. Subscribe to the Hints & Tips newsletter to receive them by email.

2022 3D Crosswords World Championship: Solvers who buy the calendar and correctly solve 12 puzzles by the due date each month will be eligible to enter our annual tie-break competition for the 2022 3D Crosswords World Championship. If you have been entering the monthly competitions, you can check your progress towards the tie-break qualification.

2022 Puzzle of the Year

You are invited to vote for your favourite puzzle of the year from the 12 puzzles featured in the Calendar plus the November Extra puzzle.

You are allowed to allocate a total of 3 votes. All 3 may be allocated to one puzzle, or two votes to one puzzle and a single vote to a second puzzle, or one vote each to three puzzles.

All our solvers and contributors are encouraged to vote. The only rule is that setters and designers don’t vote for their own creations, magnificent as these might be.