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Clues by Vlad and Grid by Aramis

The background for this puzzle is a Graham Fox photograph of a sunset over a stretch of water.

This puzzle has clues by Vlad and a conventional 7x5x5 grid by Aramis. The puzzle marks the 200th anniversary of a publication. Vlad’s clever clues and Aramis’ elegant grid gradually disclose the theme.

Note that the publication still occurs regularly and that it is noted for its Insight.

Day 1

Calm disturbed with rude letter from bishop (2,6)

Disturbed seems to indicate an anagram, but of what? Of two non-consecutive words. The answer could be a letter from a bishop, but is not in English and literally means “to the clergy”. [NI]

Day 3

At end of four months, draw George VI (6)

There are indeed four months that end with the same letter but it’s R? For Day 3? Hardly. But hang on, go back a couple more letters and hey presto we are back in the zone of the alphabet needed. Add on a synonym for a draw (think the results in some sports) and you have the nickname for the King in question. [GS]

Day 5

Upright body against employing Scottish smoker (6)

Not discriminating against Scots and smokers! You’re looking for a short word for against, employing (taking in) a Scottish word for a chimney (smoker) to give you an upright body. [JP]

Day 6

Needs to redevelop low-lying ground (5)

Either redevelop or ground could suggest another anagram. In this case redevelop is the indicator leading to a plural word meaning low-lying ground which appears in its singular form in some place names. [NI]

Day 8

Barbie wearing old, not current, jewellery (6)

Add an abbreviation for old and take away an abbreviation for current to an anagram of Barbie to give you this (chiefly southern US) piece of jewellery. [JP]

Day 10

Horse carrying lightweight over turf (5)

This is one of those spelling backwards clues (over). First a slang term for an old or unhealthy horse to include the abbreviation for a small and basic unit of weight (equally backwards). And then reading forwards you have another word for a sod of grass. [GS]

Day 14

Boy takes 500 from legend at table (5)

The words legend and table in close proximity might make you think of the Arthurian legend and the Round Table. Instead think of a rectangular table and a legend forged in the crucible. Take a single letter (500) from this legend and you should get a boy’s name. [NI]

Day 21

‘Worthless twaddle!’ Queen’s grandchild flipping cross (he does get snappy) (9)

Think of a three letter word for worthless twaddle. Follow this with the name of one of the Queen’s grandchildren backwards (flipping) and then a word for a Tibetan hybrid (cross) to give you this picture taker. [JP]

Day 24

Song originally sung in China by maiden (5)

Think of a synonym for china (lower case!) meaning friend/mate. Pop in the first letter of sung and tack on the end the usual abbreviation for maiden. And the result is a word where the first letter is not pronounced. [GS]

I am grateful to the other members of the Hints & Tips team: Garry Stripling (Gin) and Jim Pennington (Philostrate), and Alison Ramage & Andre Sonnet (Aramis)

Happy solving!

Nick Inglis (etc)

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