2021 Puzzle of the Year

Araucaria tribute puzzle

This year we introduced a vote from solvers to select the 3D Calendar puzzle of the year.

The clear winners were Sirius and Enigmatist with their amazing two sphere tribute to Araucaria with Shark’s inspired Freddie Mercury/Farrokh Balsara puzzle as runner up.

Each voter was permitted three votes to be allocated as they felt appropriate. The results were:

Puzzle: Setter / Grid DesignerVotesPercentage
February Extra: Enigmatist / Sirius1541.7%
September: Shark719.4%
August: Sirius411.1%
October: Qaos / Mang38.3%
March: Arachne / Patch25.6%
December: Enigmatist / etc25.6%
June: Imogen / Max Liversidge12.8%
August Extra: Sirius / Komorník12.8%
November: Pasquale / Bozzy12.8%
Votes cast (voters)36 (12)100%

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