2022 3D Prizegiving Lunch

Eric Westbrook congratulating Heather Knowles & Chris Cooper

Wrap-up of Friday 31st March 2023

Sixteen of us gathered at The Market House restaurant in Cambridge, a lovely location where we were very well looked after. The owner, Bill Brogan, gave us a most interesting short talk on the history of the building and environs while we digested our excellent lunches (I so recommend the creme brûlée).

Le President, none other than Sirius, aka Eric Westbrook, presented the trophies to the winners in his inimitable and always entertaining way. In particular a new trophy in memory of Oberto, an enthusiastic 3D supporter, was awarded to Jac Corbett, who was unable to attend due to rail strikes that never took place.

Other invitees were also unable to attend for the same reason, but glasses were raised when the trophy and certificates were presented and accepted on their behalf. Garry Stripling, placed in both World Championship and RPM competitions, sent from Paris an excellent puzzle with a timely message. 

Thanks are due to all for coming and making the day such fun. It was so good to meet friends again and to make new ones. Special thanks go to:

  • Nick Inglis, RPM Trophy winner, who brought with him a fascinating picture puzzle which had us all conferring;
  • Lynn Goddard for taking the splendid photos you can view below;
  • Marika Chamberlain for making an edible “Not a Piece of Cake Fialkový Medovník” (violet flavoured honey cake) as a facsimile of the World Championship slice of quartz — such a clever idea and so very tasty;
  • Alan Goddard for heading the lunch and for overseeing everything in our 3D enterprise, a huge all year round task which he does with efficiency and humour;
  • Eric Westbrook for making and bringing trophies, presenting prizes and as always, bringing his own form of bonhomie to the occasion.

Nora Boswell
11th April 2023

The World Championship Cake

"Not a piece of cake" and a matching cake
The “Not a piece of cake” trophy and the “Not a piece of cake Fialkový Medovník”

The photo shows, on the left, the legendary piece of cake, gorgeous amethyst crystals topping sedimentary layers of rock, awarded to the 3D World Champion each year. On the right is the replica cake baked especially for the 2023 3D awards by Marika Chamberlain for all of us present to share. Its proper name is Fialkový Medovník (violet flavoured honey cake). It consisted of layer after layer of cake all sandwiched together and it tasted spectacularly delicious and when cut the inside really did resemble the cut quartz of the original.

Jewel in the Crown

The Jewel in the Crown

This trophy was specially handmade by Sirius in his (yet another) guise as a jobbing carpenter. We attendees had to guess its title having been given one clue: the trophy was to be awarded to Nora. After some conferring the group came up with the totally apposite ‘Jewel in the Crown’. A trophy truly deserved by Nora for all her work on the 3D project over the years and marking her deserved partial, but definitely not complete, standing back from just some of her many 3D tasks.

Oberto 3D Solver of the Year Trophy

Eric and Marika Chamberlain
Marika Chamberlain accepts the inaugural Oberto Solver of the Year award from Eric on behalf of Jac Corbett

And finally the new Oberto award in commemoration of a loyal and long-standing solver of the 3D Community. The award shows the tribute crossword created by three famous setting Johns in honour of a fourth, Araucaria, John Graham. The setters: John Halpern (Paul), John Young (Shed) and John Henderson (Enigmatist). Back in the day the four of them occasionally set as Biggles which I leave as a teaser for you cruciverbalists to consider. The award, for 3D solver of the year, for 2022 was given to Jacqueline Corbett. (The photograph shows Marika Chamberlain receiving the award on Jac’s behalf. The threatened rail strike prevented Jac from attending). The framed tribute was provided by Georgia of Coventry Picture Frames Express.

Alan Goddard

Here are photos of the event, with thanks to Lynn Goddard.

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