2020 3D Prizegiving Lunch

Eric awarding 2021 RPM 2nd place certificate to Hamish

It has been 3 years since we were able to meet for the annual 3D lunch in recognition of our different champions. That was in York in autumn 2019 when we presented the 2018 awards. Both 2020 and 2021 were perforce cancelled as the pandemic wrought its havoc on the country. 

Alan Chamberlain (Komorník) rustled up a clue on arrival: Here setter and solver of spoonerism met (6,3,6). The answer is included in this write-up and as a footnote.

For this landmark get-together we chose to meet in Coventry, home of Eric and Ruth Westbrook. Eric, aka Sirius and Le President of the 3D project, was also its founder and driving force for many years.

Following a splendid lunch at the Coventry branch of the Miller and Carter steakhouse Eric made the presentations to each of our winners. In the event everyone present received some sort of award as Eric and Ruth had brought, and I use Eric’s description: based on those hidden treasures found in some crosswords known as ‘Easter Eggs’, non award winners were presented with spiffing, dead posh M&S Easter eggs which hatched a rather splendid amethyst crystal from ‘The Psychic Tree’. 

The award winners were:

2019 World ChampionNick & Sarah Inglis
2020 World ChampionHamish Symington
2021 World ChampionAlan Chamberlain
2021 2nd WCGarry Stripling
2021 3rd WCHeather Knowles & Chris Cooper
2019 RPM TrophyPuck
2020 RPM TrophyPam Dudgeon
2021 RPM TrophyMax Jackson
2021 2nd RPMHamish Symington
2021 3rd RPMNick & Sarah Inglis

Afterwards Nora, who brilliantly organised the whole event, wrote:

Wasn’t that splendid? Thank you to one and all for making it so enjoyable, and for the efforts made such as travelling great distances, giving behind the scenes help and advice, making speeches and presentations, being behind the camera lens, and generally looking after each other and having a good time. (Ed. I would like to add a special thank you to Garry and Caroline Stripling who travelled all the way from Paris to be with us.) I am so pleased to share with you that Heather and Chris have donated their 20% discount of £70.00 to our charities. How very nice.

Here, illustrating the event, are pictures, with thanks to Lynn Goddard.

Answer to Komoník’s clue: Miller and Carter

One thought on “2020 3D Prizegiving Lunch

  1. What a lovely occasion meeting up with friends old and new. Many precious gems were included in awards and much mirth. The real jewels, of course, are all our solvers and setters and team members who put heart and soul into the fun of 3D Crosswords and, at the same time, raise valuable funds for youngsters in need. Eric Westbrook, Sirius.

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