Hints & Tips June 2021

June 2021 puzzle page

Clues by Imogen and Grid by Max Liversidge

The background for this puzzle is a Graham Fox photograph showing some ropes tied in knots.

This grid by Max Liversidge doesn’t mark a specific anniversary, but instead combines many anniversaries of a specific type “relevant to present times”. The different anniversaries have undefined asterisked clues, and an anagram of the highlighted cells gives the overall theme.

Witty surfaces make Imogen’s clues form a pleasing union with the grid. Solvers should be able to pair the clues and the solutions without a hitch.

Day 2

Serenade perhaps winning heart of Robin’s girl (4)

In this cunningly constructed clue we need the name of the woman romantically linked to a specific Robin (a legendary figure). Taking the heart (excluding the outer letters) gives us our answer, which could be a serenade. [N&SI]

Day 3*

Taking seconds of iced champagne, finish under table (5)

Quite simply take the second letter, and in the same order, of each of the last five words in the clue. [GS]

Day 6

Daughter, not a virgin, rejected (7)

One initial representing daughter – a word to represent a negative answer and finally a virgin? Refer back to the girl in Day 2. Turn the letters over, back to front. [GS]

Day 8

What might give someone on themed night out new appearance up top? (5)

Think of who might be on a night out before this puzzle theme and add first letters (up top) [JP]

Day 9

A foreign title is a woman’s right (4)

Our answer here is a foreign word. Not a title in the sense of a peerage, but a title given to an untitled person. Look for a word for “a woman’s” followed by a short abbreviation for right. [N&SI]

Day 11

Like one about to get plastered, sample alcohol at hydro (5)

This splendid surface suggests intoxication will occur, but we’re actually looking for an unfamiliar word meaning like something that will get plastered in a quite different way. Sample suggests that the answer lies hidden in the last three words. [N&SI]

Day 15

Here one goes mad, missing opening of ceremony (3)

Move the comma left one word to give a different meaning. Think of another word for mad missing a letter (opening of ceremony) [JP]”

Day 18

Here the theme may end, Romeo returning single (4)

Phonetic alphabet Romeo before a word for single backwards leads you to Nevada! [JP]

Day 24*

Shirt comes in two sizes (5)

Type of shirt with abbreviations for sizes at front and back (comes in) gives you one of the theme years [JP]

Day 27

Like Tim, Des avoids fate (4)

Find a seven letter synonym for fate. Remove the letters ‘des’ and there’s your solution. The Tim referred to here is the character from Dickens’ Scrooge. [GS]

We are grateful to the other members of the Hints & Tips team: Garry Stripling  (Gin) and Jim Pennington  (Philostrate), and Alison Ramage & Andre Sonnet (Aramis)

Happy solving!

Nick & Sarah Inglis (etc)

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