Results of the 2022 RPM Trophy competition

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

The instruction for the 2022 competition was:

RPM Trophy
“Stacks of 45s” RPM Trophy

There are no qualifications required for this challenge and everyone is encouraged to enter, although World Championship entrants must submit a separate grid. Your task is to create a 3D grid with a theme suitable for our 2024 calendar, i.e. the year after next, or beyond. This can be an anniversary related theme appropriate to a specific month or a non-anniversary related theme which can appear in any month.

The competition was so close that to give separating marks was very difficult and from 1st to 4th the quality was high. We do hope more people will give this a go in future as there is no entry requirement of puzzle solving or any other consideration.

Winner: Nick Inglis (etc)

This grid is a thing of beauty and I had to ensure I judged it on its merits and not its looks.  The 40% themed words can be interpreted in several ways so that nothing is made too obvious too early.  All the words fit neatly into the grid, and there are a couple of interesting Easter Eggs.

⭐ 2nd: Heather Knowles & Chris Cooper (Calluna)

A really well designed grid with a high percentage of themed words: 65%.  The theme does not lend itself to easy solving so the percentage enhances the puzzle.  All words fit neatly into the design and there are two very good Easter Eggs.

⭐ 3rd: Garry Stripling (Gin)

A very interesting grid with an excellent  Easter Egg and some really good snakes.  This grid’s only negative is the large number of clues which make it more difficult to fit into a calendar.

⭐ 4th: Pam Dudgeon (Patch)

An attractive grid with a theme our solvers will enjoy.  Good Easter Eggs and a couple of very good snakes add to the enjoyment.

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