2021 puzzles

Happy New Year solvers! The 2021 3D crossword puzzles will be made available progressively throughout the year. The deadline to enter the prize draw for regular monthly puzzles will be the last day of that month. Extra puzzles will be added from time to time and will have later, mid-month deadlines.

Hints and tips for each puzzle will be published sometime in the middle of each month. Subscribe to the Hints & Tips newsletter to receive them by email.

Solvers who buy the calendar and correctly solve 12 puzzles by the due date each month will be eligible to enter our annual tie-break competition for the 2021 3D Crosswords World Championship.

Jan 2021 puzzle page
January 2021

by Nutmeg and Jolt

January Hints & Tips

Solved it? Enter the prize draw by 31 January.

Feb 2021 puzzle page
February 2021

by Curmudgeon

March 2021 puzzle page
March 2021

by Arachne and Patch

April 2021 puzzle page
April 2021

by Puck

May 2021 puzzle page
May 2021

by Tramp and MaxJackson

June 2021 puzzle page
June 2021

by Imogen and Max Liversidge

July 2021 puzzle page
July 2021

by Vlad and Gin

August 2021 puzzle page
August 2021

by Sirius

Sept 2021 puzzle page
September 2021

by Shark

Oct 2021 puzzle page
October 2021

by Qaos and Mang

Nov 2021 puzzle page
November 2021

by Pasquale and Bozzy

Dec 2021 puzzle page
December 2021

by Enigmatist and etc

2016 Puzzles

MonthSetter / DesignerDownload
JANSamuel / 45JAN puzzle
JAN solution
JAN ExtraCurmudgeon / Sirius?JAN Extra puzzle
JAN Extra solution
FEBArachne / ObertoFEB puzzle
FEB solution
MARNutmeg / MangMAR puzzle
MAR solution
APRPasquale / AramisAPR puzzle
APR solution
APR ExtraIfor / PhilostrateAPR Extra puzzle
APR Extra solution
MAYLogogriphMAY puzzle
MAY solution
JUNImogen / BozzyJUN puzzle
JUN solution
JULTrailmanJUL puzzle
JUL solution
JUL ExtraSiriusJUL Extra puzzle
JUL Extra solution
AUGEnigmatist / 45AUG puzzle
AUG solution
SEPSiriusSEP puzzle
SEP solution
OCTCurmudgeonOCT puzzle
OCT solution
OCT ExtraSiriusOCT Extra puzzle
NOVBics / ChaliceaNOV puzzle
NOV solution
DECPuck / SiriusDEC puzzle
DEC ExtraAugeasDEC Extra puzzle
DEC Extra solution

2019 Puzzles

MonthSetter / DesignerDownload
JANArachne / PatchJAN puzzle
JAN solution
FEBNutmeg / JoltFEB puzzle
FEB solution
MARVlad / GinMAR puzzle
MAR solution
MAR ExtraPuck / BanterMAR Extra puzzle & solution
APRPasquale / MangAPR puzzle
APR solution
MAYCurmudgeonMAY puzzle
MAY solution
JUNEclogue / LogogriphJUN puzzle
JUN solution
JULQaosJUL puzzle
JUL solution
JUL ExtraSiriusJUL Extra puzzle
JUL Extra solution
AUGSiriusAUG puzzle
AUG solution
SEPSharkSEP puzzle
SEP solution
OCTEnigmatist / BozzyOCT puzzle
OCT solution
NOVAnax / etcNOV puzzle
NOV solution
DECPuck / AramisDEC puzzle
DEC solution

2020 Puzzles